Mr. X, Mr. Redfield & Colored People (Resident Evil ports)

-Rusty- has been bugging me to do Resident Evil ports forever, and with his help I have done a couple over the course of a few decades.

Thanks pal for getting me the models, the textures, doing the LUA code for the colored people NPCs, all of that jazz. You will be missed. R.I.P. -Rusty-

[h2]Mr. X the Tyrant[/h2]
Originally from RE2, I “found” his model from The Darkside Chronicles somewhere and now he is in GMod. Feel free to make a higher resolution reskin of him. H4lf-D3ad is disqualified for this right.[ul]
[li]Face posing[/li][li]Finger posing[/li][li]Dynamic eyelashes[/li][/ul]

[h2]Chris Redfield[/h2]
His model’s from the REmake. There is already a model of REmake Chris out there, but me and Rusty were unsatisfied with the rigging. I won’t name names. Courtesy to Rusty for the high quality reskin.[ul]
[li]Face posing[/li][li]Finger posing[/li][li]Eye posing[/li][li]Knife bodygroup[/ul][/li]

[h2]Colored People[/h2]
Mr. Black, Mr. Blue, Mr. Gold, Mr. Green, Mr. Red, Ms. Water, Ms. White, Ms. Peach. The unlockable characters in Resident Evil Outbreak #1 & #2.[ul]
[li]NPCs courtesy of Rusty[/li][li]Finger posing I think[/ul][/li]

R.I.P. Rusty; we’ll miss you, buddy

what happen to rusty?

He is fine, why do you ask?

Just tried them out. I like them for the most part, although Chris seems a little stiff in the legs. Mr. X does too, but with his trench coat it’s not noticeable.

You are fucking awesome.

I’ve died obviously.

Crap. Rusty’s a zombie. And you know what we do to zombies…

Give them LOADS OF MONEY!!!

Yes. In fact, I’ll give you 8 bucks right now.

And by “bucks”, I mean “buckshot rounds to the face”.

R.I.P. Rusty 1872-1979

Awesome !!!

First picture, map name please.

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And Awesome work! Especially Mr. X

Ah yea thats a cool map. i believe its gm_nazivaginafood. Its some greek word.

Poor Rusty.


I have this strange feeling that you’re actually serious.

Not a GMod map, that was taken in something else, but I’ll look into getting it as a prop for GMod or something.

It’s the Raccoon City police department.

Nothing of value was lost. Rusty, back me up on this one.

Yesss. Resident Evil Outbreak models. Actually, any RE models are always welcome in my RE lineup.