MrFoxx: Rust First impressions

Hi, my name is MrFoxx both in game on the forums. I bought rust yesterday because the concept was really cool, i liked the minecraft survival feel it has, minus the terrible 8bit box graphics. I just wanted to give my two cents on the game so far.

What will this game do to set itself apart from Dayz/warz infestation whatever the hell it calls itself now? Here is my problem with both of those games, after an hour it turns into call of duty with hunger bars. Players have no incentive not to kill other players on sight, they also have no method of figuring out if a player is hostile or aggressive, none of these games have it. I know it wants to be realistic but in the real world there are things you can do from a distance to let someone know you arent trying to hurt them.

Introduce Simple Emotes!
Something as simple as holding a hotkey to make your character raise your weapon or your hands in the air simple to let somoene in the distance know, Hey, im not trying to run you down with my rock and bash your skull so you can relax.

Something as simple as this picture, would go a long way, sometimes you just cant get close enough to ask if someone is friendly or not.

Med Kits
Need to be heal over time period. I see people screaming XXX is a HACKER but thats not it, they are just boarderline godmode because medkits once learned are soooo easy to make, can be spammed while underfire, and require no thought whatsoever. This is not good. Once you find med kits all sense of danger that comes from living in the world is removed.

Small Medkit - should heal you to 100% hp, at a rate of 10% every 6seconds over the course of 60 seconds IF YOU ARE STANDING STILL. If you take damage or you are sprinting the ticks during those times are reduced to 5%. Meaning if you are in combat, or running around, your medkit will only be half as effective.

Large medkit - Should heal you for 100% of you hp at a rate of 20% every 6 seconds over 30 seconds. IF YOU ARE STANDING STILL. If you take damage or you are sprinting the ticks during those times are reduced to 10%. Meaning if you are in combat, or running around, your medkit will only be half as effective.

The recipe needs to be changed, it needs to include fully made bandages and low grade metal fragments just to make the recipe more complicated. And limited to 3 per slot down from 5.

Research Kits
Great idea, poor implementation. This needs to disappear on use, and require paper. I found a research kit, then researched paper, and then researched every item i found hence forth. I simply stopped picking up research kits at that point.

More bows, less Carbines!
Is this a modern survival horror game or a stone age survival game or what? If it is a modern survival horror then why the hell am i running boars down with a rock and not a knife? If it is a stone age survival why are there Carbines, why can everyone make a m9 and bullets without research? I have google now and i cant make a goddammed Beretta m9 yet in the apocalypse this is a natural thing, along with the built in Geiger counter 6th sense, but i digress.

Get rid of the automatic weapon, unless its a minigun that shoots pebbles and has a crank for a trigger.

Add more bows, long bows, crossbows!
Add more martial weapons, why cant i make a simple spear? knife? You got the pick axe that is great for gathering materials, terrible for skinning animals, what about the hunting knife that is terrible for materials great for skinning animals?

Add more handmade weapons! Get rid of the high tech weaponry, add more hand made stuff, and attachments that fit. The bow is crying out for a sight of some sort.


The map so far is great! But it has its flaws. Here are a few things that stand out to me.

Easily Lost!
You know what surprises me, i cant put 2 pieces of wood together and make a sign. A marker, a reminder of some sort so i dont have to spend 40minutes trying to find which rock formation is my rock formation (Happened to me last night). Let us make signs, we can use them to name our makeshift cities, smaller ones just as personal markers(that anyone can see of course) to guide us home. Just aim at it, and have it pop up the text written on it.

Supply drops
I don’t understand them
I don’t know how i feel about them.
The only feeling i have is, they are out of place. Where are these supplies dropping form and who is supplying them. And how are they trying to supply? Why arent they sending help!?!?

All supply drops tell me is, some group of assholes knows enough about the world to stay the hell away from where ever we keep spawning. But i feel like im playing the hunger games, and my sponsor is giving me the edge i need to survive till they crown me the winner!

Resource spawns
This is my biggest peeve.

Why are there 300 freaking trees but i cant find any wood?!?

Mountains, mountains every where, but i cant get a rock!?

Resoruce spawns dont make sense, get rid of the wood stacks, make trees the wood stacks, have those spawn and respawn when there is lumber to be found. And for crying out loud, SPREAD THEM OUT! Do you guys know there are vast sections of the map that have nothing? And i mean absolutely nothing. No resources, no monsters no players, and when you are unfortunate enough to spawn in this deserted little patches of purgatory as i like to call them, you might as well suicide, as you are going to starve to death anyway.

So, spread the nodes out, make trees the new lumber node, and please please please! Make rock nodes spawn in the mountains, so i can at least say hey, i need rocks, maybe i should run into that giant rock formation!!

Fallout towns
These places have 3 problems.

1 - Respawn too quickly.
2 - Too safe
3 - Too small/lacking variety

  1. The respawns are so damn quick, can sit there for an hour and walk out geared to the mothertit like a reject Delta force marine turned militia. Boxes spawn to quickly, and give to many good finished items. Stick to AMMO, FOOD, Materials and blueprints and maybe full clothings. No more full weapons. Weapons should always be blueprints, unless taken off a players corpse. Respawn timer should be RANDOM time between 1 to 4 days game time.

  2. Way to safe, add more dangerous elements like zombies, wildlife, HIGHER RADIATION. There should be either hordes of zombies, or a badass boss type, where you look at thing and say to yourself, imma need to get help or perfect my inner ninja.

  3. Add a major city or three. That would be nice, some more abandon settlements. Infestation survivor stories does a great job of adding the remenants of cities along with all that wild life.

Finally crafting
Love it. NEXT.

In all seriousness. There are a few grips, please. let us add torch scones, my house as way to many campfires i feel like its going to burn down in my sleep. Let us hand some torches off the wall or something.

Let us create simple ladders.
Let us create simple walkways/bridges
Let us create balconies and elevated platforms that can be made either 1 foundation block or half a foundation block off without needing pillars to support it. I built this cool settlement in the mountains and i was like, it would be so damn cool if i could make a bridge from this rock to the next rock and make another connecting house.

Think of the potential, get to a city with 2 rooftoops worth of items, dont want to run through the horde of zombies on the street, drop a makeshift wooden plank bridge and connect to the 2 roof tops, run across, pick it back up and keep going.

Deconstruction of some sort, i should be able to either deconstruct MY OWN walls, OR add doors to solid non door frame walls, or even fill in doorway/windows with wood. Placing a wall in the wrong spot almost makes me want to pack up and move, please fix this.

Some quality of life things that bother me.

  • Stairs and doorways dont work, buggy as hell you have to jump up stairs and you hit invisible walls through most doorways.
  • Weight? Why can i run around with a full build a house kit in my backpack and still sprint
  • Back Packs, so you cna add more carry space to your character.
  • No in game paper model so i can see what my character looks like with my new found clothing.
  • No Female avatars
  • No character creator period?
  • No makeshift vehicles, cmon i can make an m4 but not a bicycle?
  • Looting. Slowest looting ive every seen, why cant i just loot all?
    -** WHERE ARE THE CAVES? Are you telling me there are no natural caves in the apocalypse?**
  • Rename all chicken breats -> Raw Meat. There i just solved your immersion breaking issue of bears giving you chicken breasts.

Thats it, i love the game so far, i hope it succeeds, and i really hope you guys figure out a way to make people want to form cliques and communities rather then kill everyone on sight. Throw a little state of decay in there, have some npc survivors that can be rescued that give perks if you build a city and shelter around them, like hey, ill tend to your fire, and sort your warehouses and whatever the heck else.

I agree with some of your points here, sir. I for one am adding a +1 to the following:

  • Makeshift vehicles like Bicycles would be sweet. Not super fast, but something a step above sprinting. Weapons should be disabled while riding a bike, as it should be implemented as more of a travel convenience than something players can use to do drive-bys.

  • 3rd person view or at least a loudout panel so I can view what my character looks like to others.

  • Microtransactions! Hats, colored clothing.

Give us spears/lances and bicycles.
Let’s be makeshift knights.

That’s a joke, right?

I like the emote idea, its simple but could go a long way. Nice idea, one i actually haven’t seen before.

MT is how businesses without a subscription system are able to continue making funds while they continue to work on the game. If you don’t support a MT system then where will Rust make its money to continue developing the game?

Well, how do you go rock, stone hatchet, hatchet ->M9 without figuring out how to make a knife of any sort? And whats wrong with adding more melee weapons, this is supposed to be hard times yet everyone has guns and infinite ammo.

Well, this is alpha version (which I’ve spent more time than on most AAA games these days) so anything can change.

I completely agree about removing or making crafting guns very hard, this was my first impression as well, but a lot of people like shooting and taking away guns might not be as interesting as fighting with bows/spears only for majority?

OTOH, knife fights would be awesome :slight_smile:

oh guys…you should go and play infestation shitty stories and complain on their forum…u even dont want to check rust forum with everything u just mention.

ya i just read a post about that game now called infestation that used to be called WarZ and look how that game turned out…

of course this game isnt perfect, its an ALPHA! but the horde of zombies is what ruined dayz and warz. theres nothing better then running into a build to loot and 30 zombies follow u in, trap you and you find no weapons at all, so you die…

theres zombies and animals that can kill you and its pretty balanced. if you dont have weapons you dont go near them, yet you are still able to loot at spawning and not have to worrying about a horde killing you after you get 1 item. i think this game is great the way it is. and 98% of this post made me think you want this game to turn into a fail like warZ was.

and as far as your complaing about stuff like i said its ALPHA! of course theres gonna be bugs and stuff. if you dont like it wait till the release…

you wanna know what really ruins games? whinny kids like you that bitch about everything wrong with a game before its even released as a game.

Hey hey hey it’s still alpha calm down… I really loved the idea of characters holding their hands up to show they are friendly . Very good idea

I really hope you’re just being tired, and/or it’s really early/late where you live.
First off: Where do you think the company received money in the first place? It’s us. We, who bought the early access game. 18,99€ exactly. That’s a fair amount of money for a company, don’t you think? This is not a free-to-play game. That’s why MT’s are not needed.

This is not minecraft, horrible ideas, holding hands up would not change anything, the reason we kill is because we want what other players got.

Well, see, the thing is WarZ was ruined by the developers being assholes. And their shitty PvP system. And basically everything they changed after beta.

This is a good post, i like alot of your ideas.

I dont think you actually read my post.

I specifically spoke about warz. I played that game, i also played dayz, i also pointed out i have no idea what direction this game is playing, i specifically asked what is it supposed to be, a survival game or a survival horror game.

I specifically pointed out that it is making the same mistakes warz and dayz have made, and i know its alpha, THATS THE POINT.

I have beta tested Hundreds of games. And i mean hundreds. League of legends, world of warcraft, warhammer, final fantasy 11, 14, 14 ARR i can make a list long enough to make me look like an IGN employee. And there is one catchphrase trumped by fans that are too blinded by the glint of their new fade finally being made playable.

"Its only Insert testing phase here, give it time."

I have never seen any game turn it around. that phrase was buttoned at the end of every complaint post in warz, even when it changed its name to Infestation stories. Look how that game turned out. The game has problems, and devs are human beings, not omniscient gods. The whole of the forums are to make suggestions. Saying its only Alpha, beta, pre release whatever is completely silly.

Alpha is the best time to take suggestions, once the game hits beta its core features are set in stone, any glaring issues wont be changed or will be next to impossible to change without upsetting the balance.

I really wish people would learn that, when it comes to your favorite game succeeding, criticism IS JUST AS important as praise.

And for the record, i am not a little kid, i am not whining, and i believe my post was fairly well written. People like you who blindly attack any form of discussion that isnt outright praise for the product you currently love ruins games.

I paid for the game. I played others like it. I have an opinion on the problems ive seen, and id like to offer suggestions on how to make it better. I am not the enemy. I already bought the game remember?

If this is true then the emote being included wouldnt hurt a player like yourself at all, but i actually played today met about 5 guys in game that didnt want to kill me, we ended up making a pretty strong fort together and a functioning community. Funny thing is, one of them started attacking me at first, until i reasoned with him over voice. I think if there was some method of showing him i was friendly at a distance it wouldnt have happened. That time it worked out, most other times however, the only mentality that works is kill or be killed.

So this is a question that needs to be addressed, is this game Call of duty with crafting, or survival simulator, where you can decided to go it alone or build a community? If it is the latter, then tools need to be implemented in game to allow us to make friends just as easily as it is to make enemies.

The air drop turned from something that helps to more of a call to all the geared up players for the blood pool. I mostly try to avoid drop unless they are right next to me.

All the fresh meat thinks this are good ideas, ask anyone who have played for a long time thinks, you just want to make this a new version of minecraft. " im surprised that i cant use two pieces of wood and make a sign" ffs this is not minecraft, its also alpha, they are working on actual important features, holding ur hands up to show you are friendly will only make it more convenient for me and all other old timers, i like the game just as it is. I always read in chat people saying " omg im friendly why did you kill me" well i will tell you why, because this game promotes survival of the fittest, killing others if they are friendly or not will gain you resources wich you need.
I know all the november/desember guys will rate this as “dumb” but anyone who have played this game trough all the problems and changes know that im right.

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Play for atleast a month before u want to destroy the game with your ideas, and btw medkits does not instant heal. And you will learn the map within a week.

I agree with some of what you’re saying. MedKits do need to be changed but I don’t think you need the “standing still” thing.

Ffs they dont instant heal! They dont need to be changed.

Things like this “Looting. Slowest looting ive every seen, why cant i just loot all?” have been removed from the game because it was unrealistic. I don’t think you should be able to take all, it’s too easy that way.