mRKD Lite Roleplay[24/7, Custom jobs, shipments, Wire,PHX]

Darkrp Sucks

18 jobs…

There are too many DarkRP servers out there. Plus why all the jobs?



why do you put 24/7 in the (dumb) tags

18 jobs, what the fuck

Seriously, stop with the shitty fucking DarkRP. Its a fucking DMfest, full of retards and your server is not even 24/7. Miserable little shitty server.

Did you read the first post? Its offline at the moment… Also no wonder you were banned.

The server is back online

Could someone tell Ryan to unban me? I was banned permanently because of prop abuse (in wich i had been warned and stopped). Tell him its me, Marcos42563 (Oh really? Duh) my steam id is on my name (if you are a real fag my name is Marcos42563 (once again, duh)). Well, ill come back next week

(User was banned for this post ("Dumb Bump" - Asaratha))

To mods, could you please delete this thread, this very old.

As for Marcos, add me on steam we’ll sort it out.