mrx5001 - hacker proof

I feel like the title is pretty self explanatory but basically what happened is that he kept flying up in the air and falling down right behind people, he was not “teleporting” he was just… i would call it flying but whatever see for yourself:

(also yes i misspelled mrx5001 with mx5001 in the video description so yeah, sorry about that) i dont feel like this is worse than speedhacking but still something to consider when making an anticheat. thanks for reading and watching!

I remember when you hacked

so what? that makes him less of a hacker/thread? im just trying to help here. thanks for attacking me.

No, but it makes you a hypocrite


so people cant change? i made a big statement in the “post your experiences with hackers” thread that im NOT hacking anymore, i think this game has more potential that dayz and warz alltogether, i just dont want to ruin it!

It’s just like saying “I don’t want to kill anybody!” after killing a few people. Sorry. You’ve done it already. It doesn’t work that way, you can’t undo it.

yes i get that and im sorry but the point of this thread was to report a hacker and instead it just got a shitfest, i know that im a huge fag for even trying to hack and yes im really fucking sorry for what i did and yes i know you guys wont get it but i just want that this hacking fag gets what he deservers! i got shit for hacking by you guys but the guy walking away is the guy hacking right now… interesting isnt it?

by interesting i mean that the guy trying to help gets shit while the hacker hacking right now just walks away… its sad…

(more downvotes please since everything i ever said in this thread is stupid :suicide: )

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also i didnt “kill” anybody while i was hacking… atleast not on purpose, it was not for reasons of “oh im a fag and want to ruin other peoples fun” it was for educational reasons since im just getting into programming and wanted to see what i can do with the little bit of knowledge i have right now.

also it isnt fucking “karma” since he isnt only attacking me i killed him and im sure that im not his only victim… people in chat kept swearing about this guy and the one guy that tries to fucking help and captures proof gets shit for something he has done in the past (and also truely regrets)… thanks guys, really helpfull youre definetly doing the right thing here.

I remember you, when you hacked you killed the fuck out of me everytime I was in the field trying to gather resources. Then a few days back you tried raiding our camp, and kept shooting at us for no reason.

Just because you do a good deed (which is actually a deed you’re supposed to do anyways), does not mean we forget whatever shit you pulled along the way. You reported a hacker, great, awesome, that helps. But you also hacked yourself meaning you deserve just as much flack as people want to give you.

i’m sorry but that’s bullshit since you started zooming through our camp killing us

sorry… thats all… i thought you guys didnt think of it that badly… sorry

please come and reply in my thread.