Alright so I made a map for somebody and I thought I might as well release it to everyone.

Half-Life 2
Episode 1
Episode 2


[/li][li]Wasteland look
[/li][li]Small 3D Skybox
[/li][li]Low skybox


This map was mainly for weapon testing, so you can go ahead and have little NPC battles if you want, can’t imagine having this be a building map, but thats up to you guys.

The only thing wrong in my opinion is that watchtower. For some reason, it looks off, or out of place. But that is just my opinion.

Probably because its the only thing that doesn’t look demolished or damaged.

There’s no good reason for this.

Looks like Fallout 3.

Awesome brush-based boxes and blocky watch tower.
I’m not trying to shit on your thread or map, but for someone who’s got the hammer icon in their avatar and is always making posts and threads to help people, I kind of expected more than blocky brushwork and no 3d skybox.

I kinda agree with this, sorry Firegod.

The watchtower could use work.

Yeah I do agree with you guys. I don’t quite have the same feel for the post apoc feel that some people got. It was kind of a test on that skill anyways, besides the pretty bad watch tower, and the pretty shitty crates I think I might of picked up a few things. I’ll just stay away from buildings and work on a type of wasteland area. I’m always better with displacements than brush work.

I agree, your displacements look great! I’m better with brushwork than I am with displacements though :sigh:

Not to mention this map would have benefited greatly from being larger in general, and adding a good 3d skybox. It still has a case of the floaters.

Every map is possible to build in, for example in this map of yours, it is possible to build some shacks or post-apocalyptic houses since it looks kinda post-apocalyptic. :smile:

sorry for off-topic but where did you get your avatar?

also it looks nice but apart from the tower it’s awwwright.

I love test maps

Sure there is. Almost everyone should have at least episode 2 and CSS. EP1… uh… I don’t even think there is separate models. I think hl2 and ep2 cover ep1 in models and materials.


Man firegod, I expected so much more. So much more. I need a new role model.


I kid. I love you. Have my babies.
Me and a friend were playing on this for a few mins. It plays better than it looks. The tower is a bit out of place and a bit blocky but overall it isn’t terrible. I know it is a test map.

small is beautiful.

also an example that small maps can be good