MSBS radon from survarium

Hi, has anyone model MSBS radon from survarium ?

I have no clue how to extract from that game, but there’s one in Ghosts if you are interested:

I knew that there is a model on this site but I’m looking for a standard variant (not bullpup) but thanks.

Edit’: I export survarium files and i find weapon but how open model ?

What file format is the model in?

I dont know, just is “File” and nothing more

Can anyone help ?
Here is a link to this weapon

Are there any programs that do not block Arma 3?
I try use ninja ripper, 3d ripper

There’s an import script for 3ds max:

There was a skin for CS:S quite some time ago incase the porting doesn’t work.

Thanks for help. Thats work, for lock