[MServers] MServers InstaCraft/No Sleepers/PVP/MassDrops

Hey, guys! I started up a Rust server and I hope you and your friends can come on and enjoy it! Look down for information!


    Our Rust server has Mass Drops which are referring to a load of airdrops, maybe around 5 or so.

We also have no sleepers which mean when you log out your body won’t be there, so you can’t die when you log off.
We have PVP on our Rust server which means you can fight other players.
And last we have instant crafting on our Rust server which means there is no wait time for crafting like regular Rust servers.

Server Connection Information

     **Connecting:Connect to our server by opening the console (Press F1 to open the console) type net.connect**
     **Name:MServers InstaCraft/No Sleepers/PVP/MassDrops**

 **Admin Details**
          We currently have 3 admins who are mature and are helpful to the server. **MorgMonster**  **Mech** **Demon** **Trawl- SB-617**
          Contact them over Steam if they're not in game.
          We try our best to have them active in the game!

No CHEATING of any kind is tolerated on our server, doing so will result in a PERMA BAN.
No talking back to admins.
No racism.
No duping.
No whining if you have died.
Thanks to those who follow these rules on our server!

                                      ** I hope you have fun on our Rust server! **

Hey Mech, why isnt the server InstaCraft anymore?