Msg With Color?

Hi Lua Coders :smiley:

how can i make a chat print with color like i want this in chat

Grunewald is Red and rest is blue

Grunewald Has Made This Awesome Gamemode


thank you! :smiley:


how to make the chatprint only for admins ?

Use either one of these for determining if a player is a Super Admin, Admin, or another custom usergroup:

i mean … i don’t understand how to sent them just to a singel player… plz post a working code for it :slight_smile:

This is not the request section dont expect us to do everything for you

… just beacuse i don’t really understand everything on the wikki yet, and i would save the request for another noob topic, so if some one would be nice, plz tell me how to do it… plz :slight_smile:

read this or post in request section

-snip- Go learn lua.

Use AdminChatColor “PlOx”

If you want to learn on how to change the color ect learn more lua.

He learns nothing if you give him the code

Yeah i know that.

BS. People can learn by simply studying already written codes. That’s mainly how I learn shit with Lua.

I cant understand it.

Start off simple.

Yet, you should not just go around in the Newbie Questions section, giving every thread a link to the PiL.

I dont but this kid clearly needs to read it


all the op is going to do is copy and paste it he is not going to read it nore is he going to learn from it

It wont work anyway, its a clientside function.

Guys why cant I start my own thread?

Well a fix.

-snip- selfish people on the forum should learn lua instead of being spoon-fed all the time.


That sends it to everybody the amount of times that a player is an admin, so it is still wrong