Mt. Akina - Initial D

Sorry if there are already threads about this because i can’t use the Search. Is there anyone out there that can make a map about Mt. Akina from Initial D because i love drifting and racing.
Thank you!

Some images of what you are wanting would be great? also you would probably need to offer money. I DOUBT you would find someone to map this for you for free.

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If its this course then you have like no chance of getting someone to make it for free.

Just convert the model from this GTA SA mod, some modification, and you’re done :downs:

That method is near impossible, and impractical. The best way would be to make it from scratch.

Now, I’m not willing to attempt the entire thing without any kind of compensation, but I’d be willing to do some kind of fairly undetailed mountain road for free. It won’t be instantaneous, but I might get it done.

and it will have mountains and curvy roads.

technically its impossible to recreate due to limited map size in source
but some pieces can fit

Ok! Thanks for the info