How to make a mingepod’s laser turret from war of the servers

WOTS Can’t Happen. Goto and look up Madjawa.

GCombat has some weapons you could use.

I need it to rotate and search for enemies!

I am pretty sure you can do shit like that with wire.

Well, don’t bother using proper grammar and punctuation or anything… Or a descriptive thread title…

Anyways, this can be done easily with wire, just use a facer(for stationary turrets) or an expression 2(for mobile ones.).

This is off topic, but where can I find a Gcombat SVN?

Funny, his post doesn’t say anything about WoTS happening.

Yer doin’ it wrong.


The laser can be made with MadJawa’s Laser STool, and you can make it rotate using the Wheel tool (or Axis and thrusters if you’re hardcore)

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