Much better Team Fortress 2 zombies.

**They are hexed thanks to Jason[numbers here], but only for the HWM and body textures, regular faces are not **

The link is in the image.[/release] Dead

These all work perfectly fine with HWM.

If you want completely blank eyes here you go:

Nice job. I’m really jealous that I can’t do blood for shit.

Actually I took some custom blood decals and heavily edited them.

They look great, the scouts eyes are very well done indeed.

Very good. Though something is up with the spy…

Are you talking about the ragdoll in game? I didn’t include the masks

That, and uhh, well he just looks kinda weird…

Also, these beat the shit out of the other TF2 zombies, the other ones looked like my first PS, zombified.

These don’t look like zombies, they are just a little pale.
There’s blood yes, but where’s the rotting rancid flesh hanging from their bones?
Their clothes too, should be much more torn.

All zombies don’t need to have rotting meat all over them, though torn clothes, that is a “could do.”

ZombieMod sucks, but these guys and some custom animations would make it pretty cool.

Something is wrong with the HWM Engineer, says Windows.

Hum, I think their eyes lack something, either make their eyes totally blank or make them very dark, I don’t know, I think it would fit rather than keeping their clean blue eyes.

The eyes are blanked, I just didn’t have any pictures of them being blank.


I can’t do any rips in the clothing without it looking bad.


If you want completely blank eyes here you go:

This is cool, but can someone tell me what the hell is wrong with my HWM models? They all spawn like this and it’s damn annoying.

the regular HWM models spawn like that

I can’t download it!((((((((((((((

Thanks for the models, I hope we can see them in poses.

The link is dead

Here is the Megaupload link I gave to Enhanced earlier

Eh, the eyes would look better with l4d zombie eyes.

I think the only way to make proper TF2 zombies is to completely scratchwork the models
Splashing blood on them and making them a tad paler ain’t really cuttin’ it for me.