Much more posable Combine Soldier ragdolls needed


The Combine Supersoldier and the other models are extremely difficult to pose with, even when its vital for animating. Can someone be able to make a few models with more flexibility and more bones as an addon for me? I’ve tried doing this myself but nothing worked.

I haven’t got knowledge and I haven’t got the money to make models. Pirating isn’t tolerated in my family so don’t even tell me to pirate too.

Please if anyone is willing to do this, I’d be happy.


What exactly would you be pirating? Theres nothing to pirate.

Oh thanks, and what I kind of hate is people telling me to pirate some 3D modelling software like Autodesk (Sure I’ve tried that) to add more bones. Thanks bro.

Don’t talk about pirating stuff here… You’ll be accused of warez.

Its what I don’t want to hear and do. Sorry if I mentioned about it.