Much PVP | Such Sleepers | Many Instacraft | Wow++

Port: 28015

Welcome to Much PVP|Such Sleepers|Many Instacraft|Wow++. We are a PVP server that uses Oxide. The crafting time on this server has been changed to instant. It has mods installed such as; Groups and PMs, and much more awaiting you. The admin team on the server is very active, we play the game equal to you. Admin powers are only used when need; I.E. Hackers or Server side problems. The admins will also host events, such as; last man standing death matches, build events, or scavenger hunts. The server opened on 2/5/2014. Airdrops begin to drop randomly once five (5) players have joined the server and will be increased as the server population increases. The server also leaves a “Sleeper” of your character on the ground where you log out. The server is noob friendly as well, so if your new to rust and need to find a home server this server is good for you!

The admin team on this server consists of;
[UM]IAmBinky, Decay, Splatman, and President Reagan

The rules of our server are as follows;

  1. Absolutely no hacking in any way, shape, or form.
  2. No Wall/door glitching into someones base.
  3. Duping will result in an automatic ban.

To join the server hit F1 and type into the console: net.connect

Hope to see you in the server!