Mudbox and Zbrush?

What are these programs? They seem like modeling programs but to be used in conjunction with 3ds max and other main modeling programs. Are they for character modelling? Are they any use to weapon modeling or prop modeling?

They’re more for organic modeling. They can sub divide a model up to about 2 million polies (That’s pretty big, if you don’t know). It’s for doing extreme detail on models. I found Mudbox to be easier, but I think Zbrush might be a bit more powerful.

They’re used in the game industry mainly to generate high poly models that can be “baked” onto their lower poly counterparts and be used to create normal/bump/height maps as needed for the game engine. They aren’t only for organic models, but the sculpting tools can do a lot more work on organics than they can other models.

3d sculpting programs.