(MudHut) DarkRP Property/Doors Management System

So I decided to make my own gamemode, but the ideas were so elaborate that I had to start somewhere. It seemed fitting that DarkRP needed a better doors system if I was going to use it as a base. So commence the overhaul of DarkRP, MudHut was born.


Here is a short video on current functionality, and I will speak below about more of my intended direction. A playable version should be available for download within the next couple weeks.

I will be posting development related articles more regularly here, along with images and more content.

The intent is to be able to add full functionality for job/team support and manage player territory better. Stop all that prop nonsense, set restrictions better, or just to have a decent property system.

  • Easy editing and interface system
  • Prop management system to exclusively restrict prop spawning to the properties and rooms you own (can extend ownership and build permissions to other players soon)
  • Exclusive Draw Library, including font filters (the title texts you see)
  • EntTouch client action mod. A new method of “USE” that allows you to stream action data from the client to the server, filter the action, and run a function at the end. (The menu that keeps popping up in the video, I will make a short video on this soon.)
  • Incredible flexibility for players to set up their own properties and retain server set values (or to force server values on the player)
  • Soon to be able to set default door values for map loadouts; such as autoclose, autolock, closedelay, model, skin, security ratings

So I had to rebuild one of the menus so that it only updates important information and that the panels don’t refresh if the new data isn’t pertaining to the property you are currently editing. Now multiple users are able to manage property systems at the same time with minimal fuss. The changes that were made also worked out a lot of lag issues with the menu refreshing. This project set me back a bit, but I am back on track to completing the alpha version. When I have a release date I will update the post with the correct information.

Update Apr.19,2016
Went through a really bad breakup,
Took a break from Garry’s Mod to work on a web development project for a local business to pay the bills,
Back modding and probably giving this out for free when it is done.

It’s a really nice system by the looks of it. It’d be nicer (In my opinion) if the text on the door was the font/text normal RP doors have. Looks a bit cartoony and over the top for a more serious server. But this is looking great.

Damn, I love this! Looking forward to the download, looks like it’ll be miles easier than that other properties mod.

this seems like a great idea for a darkrp server with tons of people (i personally like making my own buildings so it would aggravate me lol) from a server owner perspective though i can see some great potential in this

The entire intent is to make it so you could make your own shop. I get what you mean about tradition build where you wouldn’t be able to go make you own shop from the ground up somewhere, but with build protection enabled, nobody else can spam your building with props unless you let them. From an administrative perspective it works both ways, because with prop restrictions disabled it is just a door system. Eventually the rooms will have more purpose.

I smell the editing of DarkRP core files. Did you?

Nope. What seems like I would need to edit the core files? You literally made DarkRp perfect for not needing to do that.

hmmm i can see the appeal in this though i personally would rather risk having someone spam in my shop then not be able to build in a or side of a building

FPtje loves you now.

Nice work!

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hahaha i’ve came to that point when i need to modify corefiles, too much changes and hacks after 2 years.

And never once did you contact me. Have the corefiles song: http://corefiles.darkrp.eu

The server owner has the ability to restrict name, font and color selection to the server or give the property owner control of these variables individually. There are hundreds of fonts, and then filters you can pass the font through to give them depth and make them fancy (I wrote my own draw. library because the Gmod one was lacking in fancy shit like color modulators and stuff). When I finish the font selection I will post another video. I want to redo parts of it.

surface.ColorBlend = function(colora, colorb, value, max) -- fades between using a provided value between 0 and a max value
	local colora = colora or Color(0,0,0,255)
	local colorb = colorb or Color(255,255,255,255)
	local value = value or 3
	local max = max or 3
	local amod = value/max
	local bmod = 1-(value/max)
	local red = (colora.r*amod)+(colorb.r*bmod)
	local green = (colora.g*amod)+(colorb.g*bmod)
	local blue = (colora.b*amod)+(colorb.b*bmod)
	local alpha = (colora.a*amod)+(colorb.a*bmod)
	local color = Color(red, green, blue, alpha)
	return color

surface.ColorPulse = function(colora, colorb, speed) -- fades a between two colors linearly using a provided speed value
	local colora = colora or Color(0,0,0,255)
	local colorb = colorb or Color(255,255,255,255)
	local speed = speed or 1
	local time = CurTime()
	local sinwave = math.abs(math.sin(time*speed))
	local amod = sinwave/1
	local bmod = 1-(sinwave/1)
	-- color modifiers
	local red = (colora.r*amod)+(colorb.r*bmod)
	local green = (colora.g*amod)+(colorb.g*bmod)
	local blue = (colora.b*amod)+(colorb.b*bmod)
	local alpha = (colora.a*amod)+(colorb.a*bmod)
	local color = Color(red, green, blue, alpha)
	return color

how to downlaod

Can’t wait till final release :smiley:

Is it ever coming out? :<