Muffled/Distorted gmod sound after steampipe.

Recently my gmod updated due to the actual update…then it asked me to steampipe, for about 3 months I had my gmod in my account folder and NOT common, so I was finally forced to move it/redownload gmod and all my addons…which wasn’t a big deal, however ever SINCE this update my source games (including Garry’s mod) have a horrible, loud distorted sound when 1. Running, 2. Changing weapon slots, Its very loud and fuzzy 3. Spawning props or just any general sound. I’ve messed around with the sound settings, quality is on high and its set to “headphones” which is what I’m using, a pair of crappy cheap headphones but they still worked before this update. I know it isnt the headphones because I’ve tried 2 different pair, it’s either my soundcards or just sourcegames, youtube sounds fine no distortion besides the loss of major bass in these headphones…which sounds crappy but not compared to what gmod sounds like.

I honestly have no idea what it could be but for now its pretty much unplayable, I’ve been using my laptop speakers which sound fairly better than with the headphones. It just sounds muffled with no bass in the sound, and a loud distorted noise whenever changing weapons (Well louder than its supposed to be)…Any ideas?

Oh and I did go into dev branch like my gmod used to be, all half life 2’s were opted OUT of steampipe beta. I opted in and checked, stil nothing. Every source game is doing this, including tf2 and just Half life 2, which also updated to steampipe when gmod did…

If everything is doing this, then you might want to contact Steam support. Does this only happen on source games?

I have yet to test it on other games. I will I guess, Seems like all source games though yeah ever since the steampipe update about 3 days ago (mine updated then, I’ve had my gmod in my account and not common for months).

I don’t see what steam support could do about it, they usually dont know or if their database of problems (Which is about 3-4) doesnt solve it they are stumped. if I had to I would I guess

Any solutions at all? Would love to have this fixed soon, its virtually unplayable right now because its an ear rape of distortion…

Have you started them up at least once?

Yes. Its ever since they all steampiped, half life 2 and the episodes along with gmod have the ear rape distortion sound when i walk/run or change weapons.

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The other problem part of this is the lack of bass in the sound…THAT could be my laptop or my headphones but I’ve tried two pair. When the valve logo starts up, it sounds higher pittched in a way with no bass in it, rather than deeper and actually vibrating my headphones slightly.

Seems every sourcegame has it…I’ll try something non source.

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It seems to be a major lack of bass in games such as CSS. In garry’s mod and half life 2, its a loud distorted sound when I run or change weapons/spawn props.

It could be my headphones, it could be my laptop but it was working fine the one day BEFORE the steampipe update. I have no other bass boost on this computer/headphones so I cant really do anything but I dont know…I just need solutions.

Fixed it, wasn’t gmod just something with a driver. Re-installed IDT audio driver seems to be working again, tons of bass…hopefully the distortion is gone.