Muiltiplayer Error

So, I went on one of my Gmod communities Teamspeak 2 days ago, people are saying steam servers are down. I can’t connect to any multiplayer game on steam so thats obviously the reason. Then a few hours later, the steam servers are back up, I open Gmod, go to play multiplayer, nothing. Just a white screen, even in legacy browser. I decide it might take awhile so I shut down my PC and go to sleep. Tomorrow afternoon, come back from school, still nothing. So I re-install Gmod. Nothing, verify files, nothing, re-install steam, nothing. I even tried to join through console, “Connection failed after 4 retries”. Can’t play multiplayer on Gmod. 5 Days later and its still happening. anyone suggest a fix?

Try connecting through the steam master server browser.

Fixed, Just randomly started working again.