multi need thread

Ok so, all my issues are here, and as soon as mine are answered, anyone else who has issues can post here too.

  1. where can i find Evocity 2?

  2. What do i need to get Gcombat working?

  3. Why does my console fill with errors whenever i attempt to use one of Mad Cow’s weapons?




Use this if you don’t know how to use SVN

ok, 2 more questions

  1. is there a place where i can find JUST hl2 episode 1 and 2 models, entities, ect, but not the actual games?

  2. when I play evocity 1 on single player, save it, and try to reload it later, Gmod always crashes. is their a particular reason for this related to the map?

  1. That’s illegal

  2. It always does that no matter what.

in response to 1.

no, its not. taking models/props/lighting, ect. is different from the actual game that includes sound, script, maps and MORE. so, can some one else reply to that?, and if theirs a solution at all for question 2, concerning evocity (or at least a explanation as to why), that would be appreciated

It is illegal, Copying ANYTHING from games and passing it on is piracy!

so what your saying, is that its illigal to buy a camera (gmod), and use said camera to take many stalkerish pictures of your next door neighbors yard flamingo, even though all you have is a 2d copy, and not the real thing?

That’s not even close to the same thing.

and why is that?