Multi or Mass colorer.

Basically a colorer tool that effects an entire contraption.

Though coloring the whole contraption red or what ever would be annoying, It’s primary use would be to make “hidden” props visible again.

Some of my contraptions i made some props invisible, by setting the alpha to 0.
Theres no way i can find each and every wire gate, so i’d like to be able to “un-color” an entire contraption.

This way when i re-weld my ship with the multi-prarenting tool, i get all the props and none are left behind.

Should be easy, either make it a separate tool, or add an option to the pre-existing tool to effect the entire contraption.
Unless of course i’m completely blind and such a tool/option already exist that i’ve never noticed.

Oh come on!
This is a great idea, and unlike most request, this one is actually doable!

It’s a tool, that changes the color RGB/A, of an entire contraption in a single click.

You use it to unhide previously invisible props!
You don’t even need to make it a new tool, just add the option and a check box to the old color tool.