Multi-Skin Model Stuck on Skin 1

I’ve made 10 skins for a model and have successfully compiled the model, but in the model viewer and in game, it only displays Skin 1, regardless of which skin I pick (HLMV at least recognizes that there are 10 skins).

Below is my QC.

$cd "C:\Documents and Settings\Jon\Desktop\HL2 Custom Resources\HL2 Compile Toolkit v121b\HL2 Compile Toolkit\model_compiling_files\bdflip"
$modelname "bdmobile\bdflip.mdl"
$cdmaterials "bdmobile\"

$scale .5151 
$surfaceprop "plastic"

$keyvalues { "prop_data" { "base" "Plastic.Small" } }

$body studio "bdflip"

$sequence idle "bdflip" fps 1

$texturegroup skinfamilies
{ "bdflip_sheet1","bdflip1" }
{ "bdflip_sheet2","bdflip2" }
{ "bdflip_sheet3","bdflip3" }
{ "bdflip_sheet4","bdflip4" }
{ "bdflip_sheet5","bdflip5" }
{ "bdflip_sheet6","bdflip6" }
{ "bdflip_sheet7","bdflip7" }
{ "bdflip_sheet8","bdflip8" }
{ "bdflip_sheet9","bdflip9" }
{ "bdflip_sheet10","bdflip10" }

$collisionmodel "bdflip" {


Each of the textures has its own VMT, and they’re all correct.

Any ideas?

**EDIT:**Okay, I apparently took Kathar’s guide too literally, I only needed the name of the VMT in each set of brackets instead of the _sheet# part as well.

So you got it going?