Multi/sub material

hey im workin in 3ds max and i was wondering if anyone knew how i could possibly merge materials into a multi material i have the hardest time settin id’s and stuff my model has multiple meshes about 7 per material

so again was just wondering anyone know how or what i can do to make this easy im dealing with 13 materials i want them all in one multimap materal

Attach all of the meshes together then apply your ‘mega texture’.
obviously you’ll have to remap some things.

oooooo well i didnt mean i wanted to merge the textures into one i was saying i wanted to have a multimap with all the materials in it as they are all seperate

plus my model has skin data the way i kno how to merge meshes removes it and well not good :<

apply a new edit polygon modifyer then attach them, that will keep your uv maps intact,
anyway you’ll have to explain in detail what you’re saying because i don’t understand, Sorry.
Do you mean something like a sprite card? where there is 6-7 textures in it but they are split up in the engine?

oooh the modifyer gets rid of the skindata :< oo ya i am not that good at explaining myself i made some pictures hopefully they give some idea of what i want :c

sorry i’m a noob at 3ds, i only know how the source engine uses models. I can’t help you :c

dam wel alright :<