Multi-Targeting Homing Missile Launcher

Before you read this, take note that I still consider myself new to Garry’s Mod, and that a lot of the more experienced players could easily make this, and make it better. I really don’t give a crap. I’ve barely had wiremod for two months, so I think this is pretty good progress.

You know those people who make homing missiles out of normal wire gates and stuff, and then have to dupe it so they can launch more? Well I made that, a month back or so.
Not being a big fan of adv duplicator, I wanted to make a launcher that makes it for me. So I remade the homing crap in E2, using applyAngForce to target instead of a vector thruster, and applyForce Forward() for propulsion.
So then I had to make it work with wire prop spawners. This took forever, but I figured it out.
Then I wanted it to shoot more missiles at once, so I added 2 more spawners. It took me a bit, but someone on the wiremod forums showed me a handy way to target more than one target at a time.
Then I had to figure out how to make them arc to the target instead of go in a straight line.

Anyways, this is the result.

Screenshot 1:
Screenshot 2:

Anyways, to the point. I’ve hit a dead spot. I cannot think of anywhere to improve it. I don’t want to release it yet, because I know there has to be something than can be improved other than looks, I just don’t know what it is.

put it on a truck!

Cool you finished it :D, looks cool. Not much really I can suggest on the functionality side to make it better; seems to do what it says on the tin quite well.
What map is that by the way? Looks awesome.

It’s gm_atomic. It’s a rather popular map. And it is rather cool.

Well, functionwise its alright - nothing spectacular.

My suggestions (apart from a re-build) is to add some nice effects.

Sound/thruster effects (I know it doesn’t use them) adding effects to a contraption normally makes it like 2x better.

Oh and I’d lose that rocket model- make your own, that phx one is aweful

Make my own model? Why? Using a custom-made model would make it so I couldn’t ever take it onto any other server. It would severely limit the launcher’s usefulness.

I think he meant out of props :downs:

Using props :downs:


fucking ninja

How do you you propose I make a prop spawner that spawns whole contraptions? Even if such a spawner existed, removal of said props on explosion would be annoying, as only one prop would explode and I’d have a ton of random props laying around.

There’s the Adv. Dupe paster.

I did a little bit of looking up on contraption pasters. Apparently there’s quite a few. Unfortunately none of them are common tools found on almost all servers.
So yeah, not going to use it. Vanilla and PHX props only, and Vanilla and Wiremod tools only. There’s really no point in making something I can’t take to other servers.

The Adv. Dupe Paster is part of the Adv. Duplicator, so it should be near-universally supported, though apparently it’s not dupe-proof ironcally.

I think you need to learn a few things b4 giving me stick. If you want them to get removed you just need a selfdestructall on an e2 on it.

selfDestructAll() - Removes the expression and all constrained props

I don’t mean to offend, but I’m not sure what idea you have in mind. But whatever it is, it’s far too complex to be practical. I set out to create a missile launcher that works, not a missile launcher that looks pretty. Considering the entire reason this conversation started was because you didn’t like how one prop looks, I’m willing to just ignore this idea altogether.

As for other ideas, someone of the wiremod forums suggested I add a control panel that allows the player to select targets, instead of it automaticly aiming for whatever is closest. Additionally, they suggested I add a way to watch the missiles fly to their target. Depending on which is more useful, I can either make a camera on each missile I spawn, or I can make a small outpost security camera type thing that always looks at the missiles.

Or you could use a pod and a cam controller and have a missile-eye view :smiley:

Well that’s kinda what I was meaning, I just was incredibly non-specific.

EDIT: also, chances are you guys won’t seem and updated version for quite a while. Real life demands my attention.

I’m not sure if this is possible, but perhapsa way to remotely decide targets yourself, so as to pay particular attention to important opponents.

I’m already working on something like that. For the time being, I’m working on other crap, so I may not get this done for a while.

Also if I release this, I’m going to reduce it to 1 launcher. On a lot of servers I play on, 3 is slightly laggy is way overpowered, and is easy to minge with.