Multi-task model request Batman 1989 and Solid Snake

Hello everyone!
Can anyone make a port of Arkham Knight’s 1989 ver. Batman (and maybe Batmobile?), because since we have decent Harley Quinn classic release, armored batman ver 8+whatever just not lookin nice near it)

And while MGS V avatar and/or MGO conten is still haven’t been released, i have smth compex and interesting in mind.
As many of you have noticed, Sneaking Suit, MGS V ver. is pretty similair to what Solid Snake used at Shadow Moses, especially if compare to Legacy Collection cover art

So, with some tweaks like removing any DD and PMC logos, recoloring and changing pants, or at least scaling it’s hips, (and using yet unreleased fullbody ver, w/o prosthetic), and headhacking with already existing models of young Solid Snake, we can actually get pretty accurate and HD-ish SS model for SFM/GMod.

What do you say people? Sorry if all this already in WiP-status, but i’ve haven’t found any info related.