Multi-User Dimension Role-Play (Preproduction: Coders / Content Arist Hiring)


We are hiring for a large re-haul gamemode project currently in pre-production. Please be prepared to show previous work and experience. Payment is a two-time transaction with a total sum of around 300-500$, half given during the course of the job, and the rest when it is finished.

If you are interested after reading and a skilled at programming/modeling/texturing and fill said requirements below, you can email me “” or add me to steam friends “kyranian”.

The gamemode takes place in an expansive science fiction plot line involving the evolution of organisms contained in a very isolated world for incomprehensible amounts of time. A project spanning across various games and media that I have been working on for many years; taking the form of articles, short stories, a novel, games, and mods. It is large and complex to understand at first, but basically it is a vast abstract sci-fantasy universe that takes place in an alternate reality where dimensions and science are different than ours here (Featuring pseudoscience magic-like abilities and realistic science like statistics). A genre defying game, it would combine aspects of in-depth single player open RPG’s, tactical turn-based strategy combat scenarios, vast flexible MUD environments. The Multi-User Dimension system is intended for the use of Role-Play and character development. For all you “Stat based RP is too restricted” nazi’s, this is different, and in many ways will allow for better RP, similar to Dungeons and Dragons / Icewindale / Morrowind.

	|| Lua || 

* Experienced with LUA gamemodes and database/SQL programming
* Ability to code and manage original designs, scripting for the game engine with specifications set
* Experience with C++/HTML/Modeling/Texturing/Anims a plus.
* Ability to contribute innovative and original ideas towards all aspects of game production and development.
* Knowledge of Role Playing games.

	|| Modeling / Texturing|| 

* Experienced with texturing and/or modeling
* Ability to create/edit models and/or textures for the game server with specifications set
* Ability to rig models for animation.
* Proficient 2d animation skills.
* Proficient texturing skills.
* Proficient fine art skills (sketch work and/or 2D concept work).
* Experience with Photoshop
* Experience with Lua/Texturing/C++/HTML a plus.
* Ability to contribute innovative and original ideas towards all aspects of game production and development.
* Knowledge of Role Playing games.

-There would be a demand for programming/content from scratch regarding:

Multi-User Dimension System ( Role-Play mode, Combat Resolution )
Database System ( Store character and save information in a database online )
Save-Location System ( Saves player location / allows players to travel servers or places on a map from areas )
Spawn Restrictions ( Prop protection, prop limits, check for resources )
Right-Click Drop-down Box ( Quick Actions )
Character Mechanics ( Stats, Attributes, Prospects )
Augmentation Mechanics ( Weapons, Defense )
State Mechanics ( Headcam-Ragdoll Mode[Passout-Dive], Nausea, Bleeding, Death )
HUD's ( Displays HP/MP/AP / Combat Notifications / Chat Displays )
Information Tab ( General Information, Tutorials, Storyline, Command Listings )
Server Tab ( Server stats )
Character Tab ( Character creation, Attributes , Skills, and description/donation image )
Inventory Tab ( Equip, use, drop and transfer from your character )
Faction Tab ( Creating factions and inviting/accepting invites )
Estate Tab ( Estate occupation/location, Locking/Unlocking estates, generating new estate codes )
Map Tab ( Local / Global )
Modeling ( Weapons / Players )
Visual Mechanics ( Animations )
Texturing ( Props / Environment / Weapons / Players )

About Me:

I am an avid designer and work on scripting, game mods, film scripts, novels, short stories and articles on general medicine and technology in my free time. Previously I have worked on game engines and various HL2, Wc3, and Elderscrolls mods making maps, models, textures, and plot lines. Started making first-person shooter versions of Metal Gear Solid 3 and Battlefield 2142 in Warcraft 3 with custom models and textures for snow, various camouflage, and destroyed units; and other scripts before that. I have some knowledge in LUA but not enough to make a project like this alone while working also on maps,models,etc; as well I need someone in particular to code systems for GUI and SQL/database systems, and lots of help with custom models and textures. I have a mild experience with c++ object-oriented programming and web design. and I am particularly interested in synthetic intelligence, neuroinformatics, cognitive science, and other neurology based sciences. I know a fair amount about general applied physics, theoretical physics, physiology, general medicine and treatment, and as listed above neurological and cognitive sciences.



I really don’t see the point in spending so much money on a gamemode.

You can work for free

It’s a large project, it deserves compensation, many people have already volunteered.

Working with many people makes things harder and adds more “internet drama”.

I think this is a request. Theres a section for that. TL:DR.

Grats, you can /not/ pay a team of small people with /no/ “internet drama” and I’ll go ahead and do what I’m doing kay.

I didn’t think this was exactly a game-mode request, but rather an announcement more my gamemode and that we are looking for content artists / coders; if its too similar sry

Good luck then.

It seems like you’ve put a great deal of thought into this and I appreciate that, however, based on what you’ve said and the amount of work that’s to be put into this, the money you’re offering is pitifully small. It sounds like you’re trying throw Spore, Mass Effect, and World of Warcraft into a single game. Really, you’re not talking about a gamemode, you’re talking about a new SourceMod entirely, and to the extent of which you speak that would require a large team of coders and a whole lot more money than a couple hundred.

First I shouldn’t be offering to pay for a gamemode and now I’m not paying enough? Why don’t you guys take it for what it is and then get to me if you are actually interested or want to arrange a deal, otherwise can you refrain from indulging your random compulsions? I think I can get advice from people and gather educated opinions for myself thank you, if you want to state things in a less passive aggressive manner it would help me from wasting time replying to these dull responses. Saying you “appreciate” what i’ve done for you, and then continuing to say that my offer is “pitifully” small for a albeit complex /game script/ and comparing it to a hash of popular science fiction games - when they aren’t even close to this - as if it’s all the more justification; it isn’t exactly good off the bat.

If you are interested or wish to know more, please post, otherwise try not to