Multi-User Hammer

Title says it all.

Wouldn’t a Multi-User hammer be amazing? Two people working on the same map, simultaneously, on different computers. If I was a programmer, I would make it. But, unfortuantly, I am not. Any idea why no-one has made it? Is it simply the fact that no-one has thought of it? Or, is it impossible. It would make mapping so much faster and easyer.

Post comments and speculations.

Wasn’t the instance system in portal 2 meant to allow this in some degree? or are you talking about effectivly having splitscreen hammer.

Can already do it in the current hammer with a few tools.

So…you use the instance system that was added in portal (and thus is in ob) and dropbox.

It’s how firegod and i were working on the comp map.

I’m not on about split screen. Both of you see hammer normally. And you see the edits the other person makes to the map, as he/she makes them. And you can edit it at the same time. If you get me?

What is the **Instance System. Care to explain? Also, why do you involve Drop Box?

Drop box is being used so that we could create a virtual drive where we would store the maps and load them to use with the instance entities.

You can use an entity called “func_instance” to load a vmf file into a second vmf file. So you can have a collection of those point entities in a vmf file to see how its progressing. You can also use that to go into the individual files and work on them. The main file will update whenever changes are being made.

Sounds a little confusing. But, I think I understand what your doing?

We are modifying satalite vmfs and automatically updating one. They are all stored via dropbox so we can have constant access. And it was all firegods brilliant idea.

Yeah, but with this method, you still have to parse the files to one and other. What I am talking about is you both load up Hammer. And you open a map, then click a button and it connects you to someone else’s PC. From here you can simultaneously map together. ** You don’t have to do a bit of mapping. Save it. Upload it to Drop Box. Then the other person downloads it from Drop Box and edits it. ** It is how it sounds, you literally edit the map, on the same screen, at the same time. Except you don’t share the same camera.

There is no uploading or downloading involved. It’s as simple as opening a map file, working in it and hitting save a few times.

It acts as a virtual drive.

Ahh, I get it. But still, it’s not 100% live and you don’t edit it at the same time. You both have to press “Save” to update it. And the other person won’t see the updates until you save it. Correct?

Yep. But if you are sensible, you will have hammer autosaving every 5 mins, and hitting save after every major change.

That’s exactly what I do. How do I set this system up?

I do not have Portal 2.

Read my first post.

Ah! I remember using the instance system a while ago, it’s really not hard to get used to and is quite neat. it will be a fair while before we get real-time co-operative mapping in source, if at all.

Why not try Minecraft? That’s some live map editing :v:

Very true. Haha.

I should learn to do this. I only save every 10-20 mins.(Although autosave is more frequent)

I save every time I do something, every like, 5 seconds.

During a bad hammer build, i set it to save every minute.

Once you worked with instances for quite some time, you’ll find out how useful they are. You should use them even when you don’t really need to. And if everything is inside instances (for whatever reason), people wouldn’t really be working on the same VMF anyway. Still wouldn’t hurt anybody to implement something like a multimapper-mode.