Hello. Could anyone get me a seamless Multicam tile for Photoshop, please?
I’ve been looking for a Multicam tile for ages but I couldn’t find.
Thanks a lot.

Anyone? Those guys who make different camouflages for their MW and MW2 ports, how do they do that?

What the fuck is a multicam tile and why are you requesting for it in ** Garry’s Mod models and skins** request section?

With either Photoshop and vtf plugin or vtf converter and GIMP.

Yes, I know it’s using Photoshop or any other editing program. But they probably use a Multicam (or wanted camouflage) pattern for that.
Multicam, for those who don’t know:

Change your Fucking Image!


A Multicam tile is a texture
a texture is an skin in other deep meanings (No replacement, no models, your skin is an skin, get it)
watch before post.

But still, a multicam tile isnt related to Gmod, dumb post :stuck_out_tongue:

HA! Of course, it’s obvious what “multicam” is an we all should know it, after all we all have a hive mind.

Right back at you.

Any Multicam tiles?
Having tiles is very useful for player skinning.