Multicore rendering?

Hey, sorry if this has been mentioned before but how come i am able to set “Multicore Rendering” to enabled?
I believe i have read that it is not possible in Garry’s Mod.

you don’t pay attention to updates do you?

Multicore rendering is for the processor. I believe it would work best with integrated graphics because the processor is the graphics (essentially).

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Multicore rendering means that the game uses multiple threads when it handles the rendering, which means that it should run faster on a multicore system

For integrated graphics though, the processor most definitely ISNT the graphics chip. :stuck_out_tongue:

For integrated graphics, the calculations are sent to the processor, though. So it pretty much is the graphics.


No. For integrated graphics the calculations are send to the integrated graphics chip. So it pretty much isn’t the graphics.

I am sure that integrated graphics uses the processor, while a dedicated card is like another processor solely for graphics (or RAM for graphics).

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