Multiplay :: [A EU/FIN] Airdrops | PvP | Cheatpunch | Sleepers | Active Admins | Wiped 08.03


We have newly wiped a vanilla server and we are in full action again I have listed rules below that apply everyone. Airdrops | PvP | Events | Sleepers | Active Admins | Wiped 08.03

Restarts on demand
Uptime 99,9%

In Rust menu press F1 and copy -> net.connect
Server info: Airdrops | PvP | Events | Sleepers | Active Admins | Wiped 08.03
Server IP:
Server slots: 100
Server location: Sweden Stockholm with backbone access (Means really steady line)

Server Rules

  1. Griefing is not allowed definition below
  • Griefing is when you block someone in to their own house with wooden window frame, wooden wall, metal wall, metal window frame or metal doors. Not when you take over a house to use it or get someone out from the house.
  1. Use basic common sense when communicating in chat. Spamming is not allowed in any shape or form.
  2. No hacks, exploits or bug abuse. These will result straight permanent server ban.
  3. Admins do not affect the game in anyway. This means that they are not allowed to spawn stuff or call airdrops either.
    Only cases where they can use powers to get something is when they are releasing players from griefed houses.

bump Everybody is welcome to our server

Everyone is welcome to our server. We also have planned on admin evens that do no affect ingame economy.