Multiplay☢Belderland☢DoorShare✓UncraftableC4,M4,et c✓PVP [NL/BE/EU]

Name: Multiplay☢Belderland☢DoorShare✓UncraftableC4,M4,etc✓PVP
IP: (Use F1 key to go to console en type: net.connect )
Mod: Oxide
Player slots: 50 (Will be increased if needed)
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sleepers: On
C4,M4,Kevlar, Weapon mods: Uncraftable, but can be found on zombie drops, chest loot and airdrops
Last wipe: Server started on 17/01 and server wipes will only happen when needed by Rust

New players are protected by large group of players!

Available in-game commands:

  • /help (Information about command usage)
  • /share & /unshare (Share you doors with someone you trust) [Door Sharing]
  • /history (To see 20 last messages) [Chat History]
  • /list (To see who is currently online) [List Players]

– Reserved –

A good server

Good server, nice friendly active players.

indeed, nice server and active players

I like the fact that military drop cant be crafted so that people just dont run around in full kevlar and m4 so that there is more rivalry and fair play. Great that those cant of drops are rare and only found in zombies, chest’s and Airdrop :slight_smile: Guys on this server are very helpfull and social players

like the fact they gave me some time to build my base before raiding me, had a fair change to defend myself…