Multiplay :: Brooklyn Rust Oxide, Active Admins, Airdrop - Server Wiped 5/29, new features

Multiplay :: BrooklynRusters-/Admin/Airdrop/kit-1/2craft1/2dura
server wiped on 5/29


Active Fair Admins
We welcome all play styles
Come check us out and have some fun!
Mondays are “Uber Monday!” get your farming on and build your resources up with the Uber Hatchet Kit

Oxide Features:
-Door Sharing
-Starter Kits
-Auto Door Closing
-Arrow Recovery
-Airdrop Inbound Announce
-Friendly Fire off for people on your friends list
-Ownership Remover
-Base Alarm
-Auto Compass
-Durability 0.5
-Craft time 0.5

Awesome sauce!!!

I found this server a few weeks ago and have already made a few friends. There’s few D-bags on it, and also has active admins who like to throw Arena-style events with big prizes. Hackers have never been a problem either. Definitely a good Rust experience.

best server ive been on so far!

Good times, come have fun, or Die

great game great admin:)

love this server

Fun server with active friendly admin. Plenty of room to get yourself established, what else could you ask for?

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Great times, killed a rabbit today… no wait 6 of them, SCORE!!!

hello money please

I’m in … sweet server!

jk love this server come join

The admin on this server is top notch. I recommend this server to all looking for a good time. The people are nice, and if a bad guy shows up, we can put a bounty on his head! Lots of fun…

Good morning all, lets play!!

bump for a good server

Farming in a war zone… good times

Come on GET IN!!! I need some new blood! Great server!

Ah HA! Lots of new people today, Yippie!!!

Hey GG admin i really like the New features , ppl are nice too really good server

Fun server … Fun people… Come play!