Multiplay [Chicago]|PVP|Sleepers and DoorShare|NoobsWelcome|

Hey all,

We are a 50 man server with about 10-15 during active hours looking for more people to keep everything lively!

New to rust? A seasoned veteran? Want to dabble in some player vs player action? Come and join us by making the game as fun as it can be!

Newer players looking for a kick-start will be given some starting materials and sent on their ways. Bring your friends with for some clan warfare or try to survive as a lone wolf.

Half-Craft, airdrops with 15+ people online, active admin, and possible user events (i.e battle arena, bow wars, and such). BEWARE OF THE NATIVES

Our server IP is

Thanks see you guys soon!



Server recently wiped same IP but the name is slightly different.