Multiplay :: [DAWGS] 2/20 Fresh PVP, SLP, Long Day/Night Cycle w/ AntiCheat!!! 130+ Active players


Hey all!

Are you looking for a server that has friendly admin’s that don’t abuse the system?
Are you looking for a server that has friendly players?

If you answered yes to those, then you have found the right server! Hit F1 and open your console. Copy and paste this address. Start playing today! net.connect

Look no more. Because on our 200 Slot server, in just 4 Days, we have already 170+ Active players building on it. With plenty of room for more! Help grow our community and come join!

We need more dedicated players to help keep our server stable and alive! So please stop by and say hello!

Some features we offer on our server!

Airdrops! - We have it set to 20 players!
Stats! - See your kill’s and Deaths! and more!
Private Messaging in Chat - For when you don’t have voice, or aren’t near each other and you want to plan on meeting somewhere!
Kill/Death Messages - See who is out there killing other players!
Staff List - to show who the Admins are
Owner Removal! - Accidentally placed that foundation? No problem, just grab a pick axe! Swing 1 time for a warning, Swing twice to remove it and get partial resources!
Ticket System - Contact an admin via opening an Active ticket, whether it’s because you have found a bug, having issues with server, or want to report a player!
Refer a Friend Teleport! - Join our server and bring some friends! - When you do, Each friend will be given a Teleport to your location right away, so you can get grouped early! Just ask an admin, have both players confirm! And you will be building together in no time!
Anti-Rock - Tired of that rock spawning in your inventory everytime you log on!? Worry no more. As long as you have a better tool already, the rock won’t come!
Sleepers! - Be careful where you log out!

Look forward to seeing all of you there!

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This is a great server, good population, good community, great admins, and the server also runs really well. I highly recommend playing on this server.

Awesome server! Admins are great, functionality and pings are also top notch!.
Recommended for sure.

My main Rust server, and the best one I’ve played on so far. Runs smooth, only the essential addons and the people are fun

Hey everyone if ur looking for a awesome rust server where u dont die every 5 minutes and dosent have every command and is like vanilla rust then join the server <3

Excellent server, fun and active 24/7. Admin is generous and helpful. Need more servers like these! Highly recommend.

i like this sv !!!
keep rock !!

Thanks guys! I am glad you are enjoying the server. Please feel free to invite your friends, we welcome everyone :slight_smile:

I will be doing a Wipe on my Server Today at 7PM EST…This is the time to definitely get on it and start building when you have an even playing field with everyone else!