Multiplay :: --East Coast/Fresh Wipe/02/03/2014/Noob Friendly/PvP,Sleepers,Halfcraft

Multiplay :: --East Coast/Fresh Wipe/02/03/2014/Noob Friendly/PvP,Sleepers,Halfcraft


This server has alot to offer, as well as Active admins.
The server was wiped on 2/3!
There is Door share as well as the Oxide mod.
New Server, hope to see some new people that will stick around and enjoy their stay.

All these plugins are through oxide. If you would like to know more about these mods you can join the server, or look them up on the rust oxide page.
-Chat History
-Death message
-Door Sharing
-Player List
-Remover Tool

Events now Here!!!

Headless Bandit: One of tyhe admins will wear the invisible helmet and run around the map with loot. Who ever is able to find and kill the bandit will get the hance to loot his pack recieve the loot that is on the bandit.

King of the hill: This event will take place on a huge pyramid. Contestants will battle to be on top of the hill when time runs out. If you are on top of the hill when time runs out you will recieve loot for winning.

CowBoys and Indians: This event will entail two teams. Cowboys will be one team, Indians the other. The Cowboys will recieve a Bolt Action With limited ammo. The indians a Bow and Arrows. This event will take place in the PVP arena. the winning team will recieve a small gift as a prize.

Pillar jump maze: This event, Contestants will try and navigate their way through a maze when they must be jump between pillars to get to the end. Winner/s will recieve a prize.

More Events on the way!!! If you have an idea for an event, leave a comment and we will try and get the event up and running.

We also have a free mumble for people on the server!!!
Mumble IP: