Multiplay ::Econ/NoGrief/HalfCraft/Bounty/PvP/Sleeper/Stats

Hey guys I got tired of greifing and abusive admins so me and my comminuty decieded we will set up our own server…

Our server is packed with oxide addons for everyone to use

We disabled crafting of all military grade weapons and armor (sorry your gonna have to find them) so its fair fight, and lets face it in the end of the world era you really think everyone can craft an m4 when ever they like? I doubt it.

We have active admins so make sure you cheaters out there are put in your place.

We disabled Admin Item spawn so dont even ask.

Heres the fastest way to connect to the server: net.connect (“”)

just type that in your console (hit F1)


If you wanna look through that mess of modded servers our name is: Multiplay ::Econ/NoGrief/HalfCraft/Bounty/PvP/Sleeper/Stats

We are getting too full and wanna play? Dont worry go to to donate
Not only you are helping keeping our costs down, you get a special items every week per montly donation of 5 bucks (psssttt its your own personal cargo signals)

In addtion to this become a member at and we allow you to create your own personal temp sub channel where you and your buddies can play rust with out the annoying “lets all share one channel and not undstand whats going on”

So come on in and tell your friends enjoy your stay.

We promise you will enjoy.