Multiplay |EU 21/02| : PVP, No cheats, Sleepers, Airdrops

(repost because apperantly he got banned for some reason for posting this advertisement, and the original thread got deleted apperantly)
Hello Guys,

My name is Juvella and I just made a new EU server tonight at 23.00 GMT+1, it’s my first one so if you have any tips feel free to tell me.

We’re a group of gamers that will moderate this server together, the reason we made one is cause we were sick of inactive admins, or admins abusing their powers…
the very common stuff, so we just wanted to create a place where people could enjoy spending time gaming on rust without having problems with cheaters, or inactive/abusive admins.

About the server:

This server is a full PVP server, everything is allowed but PLEASE respect each other,
Airdrops will be started once there are 15 active members on the server,
to make sure there isn’t too few people that can just go and get them and to make sure people don’t wait too long before we start them neither,
Griefing will not be allowed for the simple reason that it’s always annoying when people put time and a lot of resources to build up a house, and that the first one that gets in after that just blows up the door and put his to take over the place.
Hackers will not be allowed!!
If there is a report we will investigate the issue and remove the person concerned if necessary.

Now if you like the rules and are interested in joining the game this is
our server IP address: and it’s name Multiplay |EU 21/02|: PVP, No Cheats, Sleepers, Airdrops ,
if everything goes well as hoped we will also launch a mumble server so people can use it freely to talk with their teammates.

I hope you will be many to visit us and that you will have a good time gaming and having fun!

Best Regards,

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