Multiplay :: EU-MadManMax : PvP/Sleepers/FullCraft : Oxide Doors/Demo/Loot/Craft/Research

WIPED - 25/01/15 - no wipes unless game update requires and without population majority agreement and clear advanced warning.

Greetings and welcome to the Facepunch Forum MadManMoxide server advert.

Inspired by our favorite post apocalyptic Original road warrior, MadManMax meets Oxide in a bleaker and more realistic sense of anarchic scavenging in the wake of an unprecedented quantum/nuclear catastrophe. Possibly a war, or perhaps an experiment gone very badly wrong… For now it seems we are simply not meant to know, in any case no one here seems to be able to remember… Ok, so we haven’t got the cars yet. But we’ve got water pipe shotguns, hunting bows, maybe a bolt action rifle or three as well.

Oxide with minimal plugins provide basic functionality as yet unrealised in the alpha build, like player lists, welcome messages and so on. In regard to PvP there are no rules other than those players decide to enforce themselves. In terms of in game mediums like the chat as long as communications are in character then anything goes. Don’t spam or advertise. Racist/homophobic language will not be tolerated. Good luck, and I’ll see you on the island.

To join open the in game console (F1) and type - client.connect
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