Multiplay :: [EU] Multiplay| FRESH | Friendly | PvP | 20% Craft | Anti-Hack

Want to start rust from scratch? On a world that is almost empty?
Then you should join this server :slight_smile:

what we offer:

Nice Owner (Currently only owner has rights to 100% control so there will be no abuse)
Nudity On! - A very fun thing IMO :wink:
Boost Command - For players with low fps!
/loctation - easy to know where you are if you are new :slight_smile:
Skills, Perks - Want to have that little extra dmg and be able to compare how good you are against your friends this will show your progress!
Stats - well shows how good you aim or how good you are at dying :wink:

Custom addons! Since im a lua coder Iā€™m working on coding special addons for my server only!

Hope you will enjoy the server and the players!

!!Iā€™m Looking for lua coders who wants to be apart of a larger project, thinking about Good anti-hack and maby a addon that makes the server RP with classes!!

Server is located in germany, but friends in US had only 80-180 ms :slight_smile: