Multiplay :: [EU] | PVP | Sleeper | Active Admins

Fresh Server - Opened on 09/1/14.
Dedicated Admins - Active every day.
Hosted by
PVP and Sleeper Active.
Default Crafting.

If you have anything you would like to report you can contact us at

Connection guide
Since finding server in the list can be tricky at the moment here’s a short connection guide.

  1. Start your Rust client
  2. Once its open hit F1 to bring up the console
  3. Type in “net.connect” (without the " of course)
  4. Hit enter and your client should be connecting to the server


As one of the admins on this server.

I’d like to point out that all admins are English speaking and reliable, trustworthy players. Admin abuse is strictly NOT tolerated here and if you do happen to see anything suspicious feel free to PM me or Fartein and we will sort it immediately.

This also applies to any hackers/cheats you see. Inform us of the suspect and we will look into it.

We aim to create a stable server with a friendly community, free from the stuff that ruins some other community servers.

However, dont complain too much about raiding etc xD. This is a PvP server and if you want to deal with bandits its up to the community to handle them :).

Once we have more players in we also look to run events to spice things up. Ideas so far are an air drop event based on total players on the server.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Look forward to seeing you on the server.


As jMo stated we do not tolerate cheaters or abuse and will be banned without hesitation.

as for Bandits/Raiders, This is a PvP server so there are no rules for raiding or killing.

however, That killing people might resolve in the community taking it up to hunt down the prepetrator keep that in mind.

I hope you will have as much fun playing this game as we do :).


How can I connect into any private servers? I’ve been trying to connect to various ones and I cannot. But I do however want to join this one.
Whenever I put down the net.connect, it fails to connect, can you help me?

Hello, you sure you are writing it right?,


Press F1 in game menu

then copy paste this “net.connect”

Ive tried it a couple of times now and it is working

Oh you can try this link

I’m pasting it, but cannot connect. Do I need to download clanforge?

says no steam connected… do i need to download something?

Is it just this server you are having problems with?

Try to restart your pc then try again.

I can’t join any servers. :frowning: I don’t understand why… I can get to the last step but can’t log onto the server…

Server is stable since launch and I am connected to it right now with no problems.

Can you not join through the server browser either? If you cant connect through server browser OR through console, there is another problem lying somewhere.

P.S. If this still fails, try connecting without firewalls running, including any protection from your router. If this still doesnt work you can turn them straight back on again anyway.

Here is a link of someone with similar issue

thank you guys for helping. I give up. Haha, you guys have a nice gaming time. XD Bless you guys.

Sorry, that we couldnt be in anymore help.

Hopefully they will fix that issue for some people soon.

Been playing on this server for a while now, very enjoable with a excellent community.

A perfect mix of danger from bandits and teamwork from friendlies.

Diverse mainly english speaking server.

Love it!

So far i have really enjoyed my time on this server. Admins have always been available and friendly and even helped me when i was stuck in a hole :stuck_out_tongue:

i will definitely be staying on this server for a long long time.

10/10 Awesome!

This is a really nice server. Almost been here since the start and the mods is really friendly and i really like it here :slight_smile:

Really enjoying the game and this server. Seems to have a pretty nice group of guys on it, would defo recommend. We’re definitely beginner friendly.

More peeps come join us :slight_smile:

Although we’re getting badly screwed by the ulink issue, our server seems to be working and has been up all day. Having some periods of lag, but no disconnects yet.