Multiplay :: [EU/RU] | No Donate | PVP | SLEEPERS | No Abuse | CheatPunch | Sharedoors | Groups | OPEN 1.03.14

This server was created after a lot of bad tries to find a perfect server without admin’s abuse and donate. So all the people who search the best server are welcome to enjoy our ‘MUC’.

  • How to join: Press F1 in game & type net.connect
  • Server Born: 1/03/14
  • Slots: 100
  • Air Drops: come at 25 players
  • Crafting Speed: 200%
  • Active Mature Admins: Age 25+
  • PVP: on
  • Sleepers: On
  • No admin’s abuse
  • No donate
  • Chat commands on the server:
    /location – you can find out your coordinates and write the on the map
    /share – a possibility to share doors with your friends
    /players – a possibility to see the list of all players on the server

Good luck and have fun.

Groups ADDed


17 ppl Online, at 25 AIRDROP

gogo 23 on, need +2 =)


COME ON, no airdrops yet =) need more people