Multiplay | [EU] | Start 22.03 | PVP | Active Admins

Hello everyone,

Since we were tired of playing on servers with abusive admins,
we decided to rent our own server and run it as fair as possible.

We just rented a server from Multiplay and we are looking for players.
Our goal is to create a fair server, with no advantages for anybody.
Admin tools will only be used to ban cheaters and griefers.

We are currently with 2 admins, and we will be online often.

Server Details:

-Started 22.03.2014 @ 19:00 GMT+1
-Vanilla, but there is no durability
-Sleepers on
-No griefing allowed
-Airdrops are currently off, we don’t want to give an advantage to players that already started.
-We will announce when the airdrops will be coming, but only if there are enough players online.

Server Location: NL - Amsterdam

IP: net.connect

Hope to see you on the server soon! :slight_smile: