Multiplay::[EU] SweSampi Wipe 15/03 |PVP|Sleepers|Airdrop|Remover

Multiplay::[EU] SweSampi Wipe 15/03 |PVP|Sleepers|Airdrop|Remover



  • PvP On
  • Sleepers On
  • 100 Slot
  • 1 Friendly Admin
  • 3 Friendly Moderators


  • No Racism
  • No Hard words to other players
  • No Hacking
  • No Admin Abuse
  • No Spam
  • No Abusing game bugs
  • No Grefing


  • 20 player airdrops
  • Starter Kits
  • Remover tool (wont give anything back)
  • Events

Location: London/England

First 10 players will get FREE furnance !



This is one of the most player-friendly servers I’ve played in quite some time. The admin and mods are almost always online, always happy to help players, and they are constantly working on the server to provide players with the best possible Rust gaming experience :smiley:
Also, the admin and mods stick to the server rules strictly, so there is absolutely no admin abuse :wink:
Moreover, the players that play on the server are friendly, and they’re not dicks like on MANY servers ^^

I really recommend this server to any player with any level of experience, as the players aren’t complete dicks :smiley:


Few days ago i started playing on this server, i had bad experience with last servers (admin abuse, flaming players, lags etc.), i was really happy when i saw that this server is full of experienced players who want to play some harcore survival game. This server is new so the amount of players is not big but as Yenholt said, it is still growing! I recommend this server - one of the best I played on, so far :slight_smile:

Planed events so far.

  • Arena Event
  • Bow Event
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Planed Airdrop
    If you want a new server with no admin abuse and minimal lag this is the server for you.

This server is wounderful, I relly love that they do event´s, a thing that i think most server is missing.
And most ppl are very kind. If only more server wher like this one it woud be fucking amazing. Se you ppl ther :slight_smile: