Multiplay :: [EU] Vanilla, AXT Community Server, Wipe 18.02.

Hey all,

Our steam community has grown fast and owns about 65 active rust players.
We like to grow with you and welcome all fair players to join our server.

Join Community?
> Join our steam group and team up!

Server hardfacts:
> The server started with 18.02.2014
> NO ADDONS, Play the game how it should be
> Airdrops will occur with 50+ players
> active admins, no abuse, no tolerance for cheater/hacker

Public Information:

How to connect?
Press F1 ingame for console and enter: net.connect

Stay rusty,
Your AXT Team.

played there the last 30 minutes or so. apparently brand new and low pop atm. might be a good place to (re)start from scratch for some ppl who wanna play on vanilla servers.


Thank you for post. Was a nice survival night :wink:

Hy! Is a nice server :slight_smile: i played 5 hours on it and no lags unbelievable! we see us in game, good fight :smiley:

OMG i squirted when i was on the server it was so beatiful, :slight_smile: all are so n1 to me !!! I LIKE IT

I played on this server for the last 2 hours and the first time no laggs !
I hope more players will join ! !:rock:

good fight!

:quagmire: Brace yourself, airdrop is coming :wink:

Thanks for this ;D






steam community already owns more than 100 members

nice new patch, new server
join people and play with us ! ! !