Multiplay :: [EU] [Wiped 25/01/2014] PVP | OXIDE | Stats | DoorShare | Groups | 1/2 Craft

Good Day everyone!
We would like to invite you to come play on our new server.
This is a fresh server, started on 20-01-2014!

We have active and mature helpful admins, no admin abuse whatsoever.
Since the server is new, there are not a lot of player active at the moment, but this is a great opportunity for people
looking for a fresh start with friendly players!

How to connect through IP?

  1. Press F1
  2. Type the following: net.connect
  3. Press enter

Currently working on a website with forum!

Server Settings:

  • Slots: 100
  • Airdrops: On (5 players minimum (Might change depending on the amount of active player))
  • PVP: On
  • Crafting Speed: 50%
  • Sleepers: On

Server Info:
Server location: Europe (Amsterdam to be exact).
English is the prefered language.
Again, no admin abuse at all. The admins are there to control hackers, they play by the same rules as you do!
We will not tolerate hackers or dupers. If you see a hacker, message an admin with a name, and try to take a screenshot or even better, a VIDEO!

This server is running Oxide, with a lot of plugins and some modifications done.

To see a full list of commands, write /help in the chat.

  • Door Share:
    Of course there is Door Share, what did you expect?!

  • Private Messaging:
    Allows private messaging between players.
    /PM NAME Message to use it

  • Chat History:
    Allows you to see up to 20 chat messages, incase you missed something.

  • Groups:
    Want to play with some friends? Try making a group, group enables you to chat with your friends in a group chat, and see
    who’s currently online in your group!

Type /kit starter and /kit Flare to get starting items.

Shows how many kills and deaths you got!

This plugin will let you create ticket so you can report hackers/abusers/glitchers to the admins

Next feature:

There will be a top10 ranking based on how many kills and deaths you got.

Hope to see you there!

It’s a great server! Friendly and non abusive admins! Come check it out!



We currently have some regular players we hope some more will follow :smiley: