Multiplay:: [EU] Wiped 28/01 [Sleeper] [Rare C4] [Teleport] server launched

Hi Rust fans,

After having trouble finding the right server with the right mods and admins, a decision was made to make our own 100 man server to right the wrongs of most set-ups, to build a new community with longevity being the main focus of our server.

We’ve made c4 not as openly available and abundant by disabling c4 research and enabling sleepers to make raiding more profitable, but less frequent.
We also have an active moderator team to avoid the need for white-lists, hackers can easily be reported via messaging an admin.

Oxide is installed, but commands limited to give a close to vanilla experience with the additions of PVP stats and Door sharing.

Fancy giving us a shot?

Connect to our server!
Open up Rust, press F1 and type:

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