Multiplay ::[Evo-US EAST]2/2/14 Wipe|25%Craft|Limited C4/Mdn weps|Active Admin|Share|Sleep|Noob Friendly

Evo is a fun PVP server running oxide with no crafting of C4, kevlar or military weapons, they can still be looted but are very rare. Ideally we want people running about with crude weapons, the way rust is supposed to be played! Newbies welcome.
The server has :
Active admins
Air Drops
25% Craft
Small Starter Kit
Remove tool
Weapon craft is limited to crude weapons and Bolt action rifle
Military weapons are airdrop only and cannot be crafted or learned


Admins try to impose a “No Griefing” policy, but since griefing is a loose term and somewhat ambiguous let me explain, to my understanding, what it means on the Evo Server.

::What Griefing IS NOT::
Killing somewhat that is naked IS NOT GRIEFING. Its a dick move, but we all know that naked people can have some nice stuff on them.
Raiding someones abode IS NOT GRIEFING.
Revisiting someones abode for a raid IS NOT GRIEFING.

::What Griefing IS::
Raiding someones abode, and camping for extended periods of time (30 mins+)
Lets be honest, if you were going to grab someones gear, 30 mins is a gross overstay for anyone. It really just takes the fun out of playing. It’s no longer PVP at that point, it’s just being a cunt. This is a video game, and yes, you are playing with real people.

Applying doorway fixtures to commandeer someone’s abode.
This fall under the gross overstay for a raid “rule set”.

Personally I find this concept to be fairly simple, but everyone has a different reason, desire, and understanding of how the game should be played, which is totally understandable. Though, while playing under the Evo Server, the Admin’s ask that you play by these “rules”.

If you can ask yourself “Am I being a cunt?” and you can answer with a “Yes.” Just try not doing it. Other than that, this place is pretty damn fantastic. Check it out and give a shout out to Cal and all of the other Crazy Canadians who made this server possible. Mmmm hmm.

Been on this server for few days now. Community is growing fast and very friendly. Admin support is fantastic and fair. I highly suggest anyone looking for a sever with limited C4/modern stuff to come check it out. The gun fights with Bolt actions as the boss weapon are bad ass.