Multiplay Florida Hardcore - A unique Rust gaming experience


Server settings:

PVP | Mod’d Drop Rates | Sleepers on
Rare Drops: C4, Military Weapons, Bolt Action Rifle, Kevlar Armor, Research Kits
No Researching/Crafting: C4, Military Weapons, Kevlar Armor
Immersive gameplay encouraged: trading, communities, good guys/bad guys!

(following info only disclosed in this post!)
Rare drop rates from zombies/boxes:

M4, MP5, Shotgun 0.1%
Kevlar Armor 0.2%
Bolt Action Rifle 1%
Research Kit 1%

Airdrops drop full sets of gear. There are 5 unique airdrop boxes. The restrictions on crafting will dramatically increase the in-game value of those drops. Not being able to craft an M4 and Kevlar will create an opportunity for different transitional “experiences” when acquiring end-game items. You might find an M4 and have not researched it’s ammo yet, requiring you to stow away a very important treasure in your house. Then, a progression to actual use of the weapon begins … find a kit, ammo, research, farm, make ammo, use weapon, risk losing the weapon. Before you acquire the ammo, your house contains a very valuable item … Maybe your “so-called” friend knows about it, sells the info to somebody else, or raids it himself?? The whole point is to open up different scenarios, by slowing down progression, and restricting crafting, in an effort to increase the value of end-game items. By increasing the value of end-game items, you directly increase the risk versus reward of Rust, which in my opinion offers a greater gaming experience. So come by and hangout with us, we need good guys, bad guys, and a player base in general to get things rolling. Be first!

The Sheriff!