Multiplay::Fresh(5/15GMT)NoDura|.5craft|ActiveAdmin|Airdrops|Noob friendly

Hey guys and girls,

Starting this server fresh. I am looking for a group of people to match this servers personality. Loyal players is what makes a good server. I am the owner and currently the only admin I am pretty active and I don’t play on my server to prevent admin abuse,

here is a list of the mods: 1/2 craft No DURA

Rules: No perm. griefing No Exploiting (sleeping bag hack, crouch running etc.) No Naked Farming (I don’t mind defnding yourself at someone running directly at you but I will not tolerate players chasing down nakeds just to prevent them from getting a start,) Respect for each other.

IP: Name: Multiplay::Fresh(5/15GMT)NoDura|.5craft|ActiveAdmin|Airdrops|Noob friendly

Awesome server!!!