Multiplay: Kearnsy | PvE | Instant Crafting | Lots Of Addons | Starter Kits

The Kearnsy Server is a newly started server, we strive to be a popular server in the rust community.
Currently there is only 50 slots available due to the lack of funding, this will change soon if the server picks up I will invest more money into the server.

What can the server offer you?
We are one of the most friendliest servers out there, we are here to help the new and the old, how do we do that? We have two airdrops every hour (one every half hour) and have a starter kit which includes; Hatchet, Pick Axe, Cooked Chicken and a 2 by 2 wooden base (including a metal door).
We have no fall damage to the constant bugs out there killing you when your offline, but also we have no craft times. You may ask, why? Because there is no need for it, It wastes time and is just damn right boring.
We have friendly staff and also very active staff, which will also remove your sloppy placements of; pillars, walls and doorways.
No real rules apart from, don’t shoot anyone just because you think they have loot. At least have a reason for example an airdrop is like a KOS. Obviously there is rules such as don’t hack/aimbot, just the standard stuff.

What server addons do we have?
Doorshare (Share doors with friends)
No Grass (Helps lag and also find the bags on the ground)
Vanish (Just a admin tool)
Remover Tool (I will remove anything for anyone if they have a problem with placements)
Time Changer (I will change to day time if people ask)

To join the server either search for Multiplay: Kearnsy (The name is longer but you should be able to narrow it down) or use the I.P by typing net.connect
Just ask me anything if you have any questions!



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Server is updated the latest version, low ping and 5 members online, restarted yesterday!