Multiplay :: Level System | Kits | Instacraft | Sleepers | No Fall Damage | PVP

Come join the newly created server and help grow the community by inviting your friends!

Experience Rust on this server like no other with mods that make starting out easier and new features of gameplay:

  • Leveling System - Earn EXP through killing animals and other players! Use these points to upgrade things such as M4 damage, melee damage, armor protection as well as unlock new abilities such as lifesteal or cooking. Earn more XP during the nighttime.

  • Starter Kits to make starting out less difficult and stressful

  • Sleepers ON

  • Fall Damage OFF

  • Instant Crafting (no more waiting for long crafting times)

*PVP - encouraged

*Active admins who help out new players (offers wood and building supplies to get players started on their bases)