Multiplay Los Angeles Server: Friendly Admins, Oxide Mods -Fresh Start 1/21

Brand New Multiplay Server PVP/Sleepers

Currently working on fleshing out the mods. Stay tuned here for the latest updates.*

Load up game.
Press F1.
Cut and paste the following text:
Press enter.

Type /help once in game to see a list of commands.

Door Share (Active)
Tired of having to build an even bigger house because you want to share your place with 2 of your buddies, with Door Share you can share all built and future built doors with friends you trust.
Type in the in game chat channel (T)= /share “player name” case sensitive. /unshare “player name” to remove permission.

**Quest ** (Active)
Complete zombie hunting quests to earn special in game rewards.

/quest list : list available quests
/quest join “name” : activate a quest
/quest done : check completion status of quests

Note: quest progress is not saved, it is reset after a server restart
MoreZombies = Kill 20 Zombies to get 1 M4
Zombies = Kill 2 Zombies to get 1 Can of Tuna
ZombiesMoney = Kill 10 Zombies to get 50$

Basic Economy (Active, needs tweaking)
Earn money for helping your fellow survivors out by killing the mutants. Then spend your hard earned cashed on an in game store.

This basic version gives some starting money (default 1000) to players when they join (can be configured in the .lua file).
Players earn money by killing zombies (default 100 per zombie), bears (default 200), wolves (120) and other players (50% of the victim’s money).

/money : shows your current balance
/money “name” send amount : sends amount to name
/money top : shows the players with the highest balance (can be disabled in the .lua file)
/price “item” : list all prices or displays the price of a specific item (item optional)
/buy “item” amount : buy and item (optional amount to buy more than 1 item)
/sell “item” amount to sell an item (amount optional) for money (default 10% of buy price, configurable in the .lua file)
Only items that can be bought from the shop can be sold to the shop.

Instant Craft (Active)
We value your time, so don’t waste it waiting for crafting timers.
Groups- Create in game groups and group chat.

Kits (Active)
Commands are /kit = List all available kits. /kit “kit name” = Gives the player the specified kit.
Starter: Stone Hatchet, and Cloth Pants. (max use = 10)
Hatchet: Metal Hatchet (max use=1)

Groups (Active)
You can create and delete Groups. Also you are able to invite players to your Group. They can accept or decline the invitation.

Players in a group can use:
/gwho - See which group members are online
/g Message - Group chat

All Commands:
/gcreate Name - Create a group with this name
/gdelete - Delete a group
/ginvite Playername - Invite a player to your group
/gkick Playername - Kick a player out of the group
/gcancel - Cancel the Invitation (Sender and Receiver can do it!)
/gaccept - Accept the invitation
/gleave - Leave your current group
/g Message - Sends group message
/gwho - Shows online group members
/ghelp - Group help commands
/ginfo - Shows the group name and member count
/glist - Shows a list of all groups (names)
/gmotd “Message” - Set a group MOTD
/gsettings - Shows the group settings
/gsetting pvp|kick|invite|motd 0|1 - set group settings

Active non-biases admins!

Tired of playing on servers where the admins will roll back the server because friends of the admin (somehow all metal base) got raided? Tired of server admins being absent, and allowing hackers to run rampant? Well you have come to the right server. We promise to be non-biased as we try to build a fair and fun community with our Rust server.

Please post any questions or concerns here in this thread.


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Bump Bump

Bumpy bump

Another bump for a great server looking for West Coast players. I log on several times a day and help new players out by spawning Airdrops. I will also run in game contests once we get the pop up.

Server back up after Multiplay fixed their issues.